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Srushti Charitable Trust is celebrating the 71st Independence Day of India under the theme “Resurrecting Gandhi”


          At the stroke of midnight India moves towards 15th August 1947. Every one of us knows that India got freedom from more than 300 years of foreign Rule. There have been millions of lives that sacrificed for this freedom and many of them are not even known or remembered.  On this auspicious day it is the duty of every citizen to pay homage to these legends.

There are virtually many ways of celebrating Independence Day and here in Srushti we have chosen the theme where we find many answers to our many questions by revisiting the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi.

Today’s society is infested with many maladies like poverty, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, capitalism, nepotism, cleanliness, health and the like. Let’s discuss some issues here.

The most glaring topic that fills the newspaper front page today is the war threat from China. China’s hegemony though known to all countries yet no one dares to raise voice against such an economically powerful nation. At this juncture we recall the day of 1st August 1920 when Gandhiji started non-cooperation movement and appealed to all to refuse British goods. He requested all to take to local handicrafts and produce indigenous product without depending upon the British goods. A similar mindset among all the Indians is necessary today. A national spirit is required to be instilled which will stay activated while making a choice during buying or using a product. This is how the Indian industries can make some good profit. We may not get a better product than its counterpart available in the market but the sense of indianhood will certainly fill us with contentment – higher consumer surplus.

In 1924 Gandhiji became the President of Indian National Congress and his first major step was to reach to the masses in the remote villages. He uttered the famous line “soul of India lives in our villages”. The government should take a leaf from the history and focus its action in villages. Though a lot is being done yet more is yet to be.

When Simon Commission came to study the constitutional reform in 1928, it ignored the Indians, which insulted us. Gandhiji raised voice and united people to resist by declaring Simon Go Back. So participation of the citizen is a must and their consent is always required to be taken while making law for them. Hence  the parliamentary system of government. Despite all the structures, some ruling parties find their ways to serve their vested interest by promulgating ordinances through their nominated Governors and President which do not need the immediate consent of parliament. Recent Land acquisition Act is for instance.

A unique method of Gandhiji was the declaration of Purna Swaraj on 26th January 1930 much ahead of actual Independence. This is the magic formula to success. Gandhiji says the means and goal both should be just and clear. What is required to be achieved we must think and feel that we have already, then it expedites success because a virtual success feelings leads to achieve the real one. In most border issues, without following any proper procedure countries take possession of a place which they claim to be theirs. Recently India trespassed Doklam at China’s border to claim its ownership,

There have been many questions as why did Gandhi choose salt as a tool. Though there are hosts of answers available justifying their stand, yet in fact, there is none. Gandhi showed that one can start one’s journey from anything at hand how insignificant it might be. The end should be large, tall and noble. We Indians waiting for a good and big thing, waste most part of our lives. So to start is to start from anything available around us.

Finally, let’s meditate on the term ‘satyagraha’ an infallible tool coined by Gandhi to fight any battle be it of life, society, nation or of any cause. We should never take law in our hand. We must take the help of many Laws enacted to bring harmony in India. Right to Information is an epoch-making Act made to give power to every citizen. Press is now-a-days playing very powerful role in voicing have-nots. CBI and Vigilance departments are getting more accessible to common man to speak against corruption and exploitation. Moreover, people are approaching Courts and more PILs are found to be filed to exercise the power of citizen.

Whenever righteousness declines and unrighteousness is rampant, a revolutionary personality like Mahatma Gandhi takes birth to defend the pious, destroy the wicket and protect dharma. The present era is no less fallen, so to re-establish peace and bring back harmony among all we need to follow of Gandhi and his unique ways to find solution to our problems. After so long days the United Nation feels and declared 2nd October as the International Non-violence Day. We are promoting cleanliness and going to see a clean India in the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in 2019.  Lets resurrect Gandhi!

Jai Hind!

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